Here’s an extra credit assignment for my students in CMN3109: Advanced Theories in Communication at the University of Ottawa (Winter 2018).

I’m rethinking how I will teach CMN3109. I’ve taught it a half dozen times, and I want to try something new.

So I’m writing a textbook, which I’ll pair with primary-text readings. For extra credit this semester (Winter 2018), I’d like you to read the book as it currently stands (with three of the six chapters written). You can download it here.

For your assignment, please read the text and devise an exercise to do in class based on any part of it you find interesting. Please turn in a one-page (single-spaced, 1″ / 2.5cm margins, 12-point Times New Roman) description that:

  • Describes the exercise (what students will do)
  • Explains how the exercise relates to the text
  • Explains what students will gain from the exercise

Please note: I’ll stop reading after one page, so please respect the formatting described above. If you’re running long, pare your description down to only what’s necessary.

The assignment is due electronically (emailed to before the final exam. It is worth 25 points. IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS YOU MAY NOT RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THE ASSIGNMENT.